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Halloween Highlights Voters’ Fears

Halloween's just around the corner, but some voters say they're more afraid of this year's election results than ghouls and goblins. NCC's Stephen Armstrong reports:

By Stephen Armstrong SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – For many people Halloween is the season for costumes, candy and chilling experiences.

At Raven Haven in Liverpool, the Dombroski family have been giving people the fright of their lives for fourteen years.

Diana Sleiertin works as a performer and spokesperson at the haunted house.

“It is a passionate endeavor.” Sleiertin said.

Sleiertin said they don’t charge visitors, because they want families to have access to an affordable Halloween activity.

“The idea behind it,” Sleiertin said, “Was to be able to offer families an opportunity to come out, enjoy Halloween, take a break from all the other things going on in life.”

The haunted house includes animatronic props, eerie scenes and live performers.

Sleiertin said they modify the experience for kids, to ensure they don’t get too frightened.

The family works from Labor Day until Halloween to set up the haunted house, and Sleiertin said they host nearly 500 guests on a busy night.

“We’ve got so many scary things going on in our lives,” Sleiertin said, “That it’s an opportunity to step away from it, to step out of that reality and into this sort of alternate universe.”

With election day coming up on November 8, and rumors circulating that the entire Presidential election could be rigged, some voters may feel like they’re already living in an alternate reality.

Dustin Czarny is a Commissioner for the Onondaga County Board of Elections and he said rumors of voter fraud were unfounded.

“We have a great system in New York State.” Czarny said, “We have a bi-partisan commission… which means that we are checking each other.”

Onondaga county operates an electronic polling system, which also keeps a paper copy of of the ballot.

“Our hand count audit,” Czarny said, “That we’ve been doing for the last eight years, has never turned up any discrepancy.”

The Board of Elections also takes measure to remove voters who have passed away from the official register.

“Unless that dead person is getting up out of the grave,” Czarny said, “And coming down with their information, they’re not going to be able to vote.”

Czarny said he is confident the protocols put in place by the Board of Elections will prevent the dead from voting, but at Raven Haven, Sleiertin said she’s seeing having fun with the idea.

“We were talking,” Sleiertin said, “About whether the “undead” actually do vote, and do they lean one way or the other because one leg may have fallen off.”