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Uber Gives Free Flu Shots

Uber is continuing its efforts to expand to Upstate New York. (c) 2015 AP Images by Eric Risberg


By Brittany Ehrlich SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Although Uber can’t give car rides in Syracuse yet, they can give flu shots.

Uber teamed up with registered nurses from Passport Health on Tuesday to give out free Flu shots and care packages.

Companies such as Uber have been campaigning to make ride-sharing legal in Upstate New York for a while and Syracuse University Public Relations Professors believe this campaign can only help their cause.

“It’s good for the company and good for the community,” Professor William Jasso said.

Jasso believes it was a smart method for Uber to connect their service of transportation to good will of giving out free shots.

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner was among those who received the flu shots and posted on Twitter photos of her doing.

“With her being a public figure I think it may, well in their mind that may help to add credibility to not only their campaign to do on demand flu shots but also their goal of trying to expand to Upstate New York,” Professor Christal Johnson said.

Miner also Tweeted her support for allowing ride-sharing upstate.

“That’s gravy,” Jasso said. “That’s the cherry on top of the sundae. You’ve got influencers who are going to comment positively and Uber can use all of the good publicity it can get. And doing these kind of good things that relate but aren’t directly related to their ride sharing service I think is a good thing.”

Johnson also thinks the campaign would allow the company to connect with future potential employees and customers.

Legislation failed earlier this year to allow companies like Uber upstate due to differences in the state senate’s and assembly’s versions of the bills, but lawmakers will consider legislation again in the next few months.

Last summer Uber delivered ice cream sandwiches to upstate cities such as Utica and Buffalo.