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Nearly 900 Property Owners in Syracuse Will Have to Purchase Flood Insurance

Heavy rainfall is causing flooding in several areas in Central New York. (c) 2016 AP John Minchillo


By Amanda Caffey SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC News) — While a new flood zone map in Syracuse removes just over 200 properties from the flood plains, nearly 900 properties are being added. The new map will go into effect on November 4th and property owners could be looking at costs between $450 and $2,500 annually for mandatory flood insurance.

“It’s not something that people normally get because they want it,” said Allstate agent Beth Kowadla. “They get it because they are required to have it.”

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) periodically updates flood zone maps and Syracuse was on the list this year. Syracuse City Facility Engineer, Russell Houck, said that FEMA surveyors and engineers studied four streams in Syracuse to determine whether or not they could sustain large amounts of water:

  • Onondaga Creek
  • Meadow Brook
  • Ley Creek
  • Harbor Brook

Syracuse City Engineers appealed FEMA’s original maps and reduced the Onondaga Creek flood plains by about 30 percent, Houck said; however, there are still properties that are at risk.

Houck said the Department of Engineering is actively working towards projects that would reduce the flood plains. These projects could include removing sediment from the creek bed, creating water storage and raising or flood-proofing homes.

More information can be found on the City of Syracuse website.