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Sha Na Na’s “Bowzer” endorses Colleen Deacon for Congress

‘Bowzer’ of ‘Sha Na Na’ speaks and sings to seniors at Brookdale Assisted Living. (c) 2016 Rashika Jaipuriar

'Senior Votes Count' endorses Colleen Deacon

Jon "Bowzer" Bauman and Colleen Deacon talked about the importance to social security at Deacon's latest campaign event at an assisted living facility in Manlius, N.Y.

Ron Schedlleck saw Bowzer at Deacon’s campaign event and at Woodstock in 1969. (c) 2016 Rashika Jaipuriar

By Rashika Jaipuriar MANLIUS, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — Ron Schedlleck hasn’t missed an election since 1968.

A visit from Jon “Bowzer” Bauman from the hit television show and musical group “Sha Na Na” reaffirmed Schedlleck’s support from Congressional candidate Colleen Deacon. It’s important for seniors to stay involved and active in the political sphere, according to Schedlleck.

“I’ve always liked to talk politics,” Schedlleck said. “I try to [get into political debates here]. We do a couple of programs a week — one called ‘News and Views,’ which is talking about issues in the news. Just to keep people’s minds working. You know, it’s use your brain or lose it, at this age. So even if I don’t believe something, I’ll say something outlandish just to get people [talking] or yelling. You have to fight every day here, to keep fresh.”

Schedlleck retired at age 58 after a serious stroke, so he knows first hand the importance of programs like social security and disability benefits.┬áHe identifies as a very liberal democrat — one of the few among his generation at Brookdale Assisted Living.

In their visit to the facility, “Bowzer” and Deacon emphasized the importance of protecting and expanding social security. “Bowzer”┬áspoke on behalf of his organization ‘Senior Votes Count,’ while Deacon spoke of her own personal background –working and paying into social security since the age of 16.