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New Cuse Cycle App at Onondaga Lake Park

The Fall season adds color but NCC News Reporter Ashley Moore reports Onondaga Lake Park is adding convenience.

photo by Ashley Moore

photo by Ashley Moore

by Ashley Moore – SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC News) – Onondaga Lake Park is home to new, solar paneled orange bicycles known as Cuse Cycles.

These bicycles aren’t like any other rental bike in the park. To rent a Cuse Cycle, you must download the Cuse Cycle App, input your payment information and choose if you want a day pass, week pass or annual membership.

McKie Sports runs the bike rental shop by Wegman’s Landing, but wanted an easier way for their customers to get to individual bikes around the park without coming to the shop to wait in long lines.

“Our primary sources of business are surrey’s not individual bikes so this kind of gets some of the traffic and lines away from there, because on busy Saturdays, it’s hectic in the garage there,” CEO David McKie said.

The way the app works: Open the app, choose the location, pick a bike number, hold the number down beside the bike and the Bluetooth unlocks the bike.

Chris Newman bikes daily at Onondaga Lake Park and says he thinks this is an efficient addition to the bike trails.

“You don’t have to deal with anybody, you just walk up there and *taps phone against bike* that’d be nice,” Newman said.

He also hopes it encourages more people to bike at the park.

“People want to bike, like even the Pokemon thing, it’s just better to bike. You can get more places, further distance and people I know have already started renting just for an hour at the shop thing,” Newman said.

The current Cuse Cycle locations are at Salt Museum, Willow Bay and West Shore Trail. David McKie says he plans to have another location at the State Fairgrounds next year.