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“Fright Nights at the Fair” Respond to Clown Scare

Fright Nights at the Fair Step-Up Security in Face of Creepy Clowns

Clown Scare Phenomenon Could Be Negatively Affecting Local Business and Holiday Spirit

By Matt Weinstein SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)

Grazi Zazzara has been running the October “Fright Nights at the Fair since its inception over a decade ago. He does not think that any “Creepy Clowns” will be an issue.

“We added some rules, there are codes between the actors and security so we always know who should be our employees and who is definitely not,” says Zazzara.

Zazzara believes that this clown scare will in no way adversely affect his business. Stating that “Fright Night” is meant to be a scary, fun-filled yet contained environment for everyone to come and enjoy.

Over the past few weeks, public attention has catapulted creepy clowns from the confines of social media and turned itself nationwide phenomenon, in some cases as far as resulting in physical acts of violence.

So far there have been no reports of clowns at the State Fairgrounds.

However, multiple media outlets and the local police have confirmed sighting of clowns in and around the areas of Syracuse.

Nine-year-old Isaih Wahdan, Syracuse, didn’t seem too concerned about the clowns while exploring the fairgrounds with his friends.

“I thought that they might close the Clown Prison exhibit cause of all the clowns chasing people but it was still open, so it can’t be too bad.” When prodded to see if he had been inside the [clown] jail yet, he said, “No, but I’ll get there next.”

In addition to the security measures, “Fright Nights at the Fair” is home to a new exhibit. Participants can now “hunt and “shoot” zombies with paintball guns.

Zazzara ended his interview with a message for the broader public: to please refrain from dressing in any costume or you will be shown the exit.

“No one should try to be scary tonight except my own employees or actors, this is all about having a good and fun time, so let’s keep things that way.”

Alongside with the traditional haunted houses, the venue continues to operate as normal. The venue runs every weekend through October 30th, Friday and Saturday from 7 p.m. to midnight but closes early on Sunday, running 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Most adventures seemed to seek out the clowns at Fright Night rather than go the other direction. (c) 2016 Matt Weinstein