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Innovation is Making its Way Back to Central New York

After 20 years of recession, Innovation is finding a place in Syracuse again. Companies like the Tech Garden and Government funding offer starting tech companies the possibility to succeed. Experts and local tech business owners agree that in the past decade the innovative tech industry has found a place in Central New York.

By Isabel Sanchez SYRACUSE,N.Y. (NCC News) — After two decades away from its innovative manufacturing history, Syracuse is slowly getting back its place as a hub for innovative technology. Recent governmental funding in addition to private initiatives has brought through the past decade new companies to the Central New York region. An example of that is the Tech Garden. In recent years the facility has significantly increased the amount of starting companies it holds. From 2011  to 2015 the Tech Garden went from 24 business tenants and a 25 percent vacancy rate to hosting 70 companies with more than 175 employees.

State and private funding have opened the doors to new opportunities, like  Syracuse’s Innovative Team and the StartOne Program that have helped to increase the interest of prospective new tech companies in the area.


The Tech Garden offers several programs for aspiring entrepreneurs. Including the Student Sand Box, a 12-week experimental program that prepares new companies through mentoring, coaching and an initial funding. Another opportunity for upcoming entrepreneurs is the GeniusNY Contest offering a total of $4 Million Dollars in state funding for business proposals in the categories of Unmanned Systems, Data-to-Decision Applications, and Internet of Things (IoT).

But Can I really succeed  with a startup In Central New York?. According to local entrepreneur Michael Quigley, Founder of SpinCar, the answer is yes.

“We quickly found out that here in Central New York there’s a larger network, much more resources, and less competition.” said the 27-year-old NYU graduate.

Quigley and his partner Davin Daly started their mobile 360 video idea as fashion startup before they decided to switch to the automotive industry. Currently, they work with car dealers nationwide and in twelve other countries. In four years SpinCar provides service to more than 1,000 customers  and it’s expanding to an office five times as big as the original one in downtown Syracuse. “We just been hiring nonstop and in the near future we might be needing, even more, space.” said Quigley.


About NEXT 2016 Event 

The 3rd Annual NEXT Conference offered renown speakers Brian Solis and Soraya Darabi, workshops, and a Technology Showcase where attendees got an opportunity to connect with investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators to discuss trends and opportunities in the tech industry.

The Showcase Included:

  • 3-D Printers.
  • Drones.
  •  Cybersecurity Technologies.

The workshop offered discussed:

  • Big Data 101: an overview of available techniques and technology and the advantages of optimizing the use of big data.
  • Bringing New Technologies to Market: exploring strategies for technology commercialization.
  • Digital Media: Past, Present, and Future in CNY: Digital media and its future in Central New York.