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Halloween Decorations Begin to Appear in Central New York

It may only be the first week of October, but some in Central New York have already begun to prepare for Halloween. N-C-C's Jake Lapin takes a closer look at the most decorative spots in the area.

By Jake Lapin, SYRACUSE, N.Y.–It may only be the first week in October, but Halloween decorations are starting to appear across Central New York.

For some, the 31st cannot get here soon enough.

Stan Munro has decorated his house in North Syracuse for eleven years now.

Halloween Lawn has featured giant spiders, UFOs Star Wars characters and more over the years, including this year’s pirate ship.

The ship and all its skeleton passengers took Stan about 4 days to construct in the final week of September.

Stan, a former TV reporter, quit his job in order to help take care of his sick wife.

Over a decade later, Stan’s around-the-house hobbies are now a neighborhood tradition.

“There are so many kids now, after eleven years,” Stan said.

“We had this couple drive by and said their kids emailed them from college just to find out what we were doing this year.”

Stan no longer tries to scare the 1,000 or so kids who come to his house every year.

“We’ve steered away from the macabre blood and guts because everybody’s doing that,” Stan said.

“We try to do something that’s different and unique and maybe a little bit funny.”

Bill Hendrix, on the other hand, has not relinquished his spooky habits.

“It’s like 70-30,” Bill said.

“70 love it, 30 run away. Kids telling their parents they don’t want to go up to get the candy, and my wife will throw it out the window to them so they don’t have to come upstairs.”

The Hendrix family has decorated its house in Camillus for 16 years now.

It’s become a familiar sight right along Main St. every October.

Bill, a long-time lover of Halloween, collects new additions to add to his haunted house as each Oct. 31 comes and goes.

He started preparing for this year’s Halloween back in August.