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Restaurants’ safety measures are key under the “Brunch Bill”

Brunch Bill: Restaurants are now essential for customers' safety

By Angelica Rodriguez SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC News) — Governor Cuomo has made it easier to drink on Sundays but those who sell the alcohol may have a hard time dealing with customers’ safety.

While many Restaurants and bars are excited to include drinks on their brunch menu, customers may be at risk. Philip Rose, the Program Coordinator at Prevention Network, explains that that easier alcohol is available to people, the more chances for people to misuse it.

“Drinking is an addictive substance so it make you want to have more and more,” says Rose.

The “Brunch Bill” allows restaurants and bars to sell alcohol two hours earlier than before. Cuomo signed the Bill to modernize the 80-year-old Alcoholic Beverage Control Law that did not allow selling alcohol before noon.

Now that football season is happening, some authorities believe restaurants should be more aware now that drinks are available since 10 a.m. Syracuse University Department of Public Safety Detective CJ McCurty thinks that restaurants have to pay attention to all day drinking during sports games.

“This is going to put all of responsibility on restaurants to cut it off,” said McCurty.

Some sports bars such as the Wolff’s Biergarten in Downtown Syracuse already has plans on how to take care of customers when they drink.

“When someone orders a full litter of beer, we always give them a free ticket for a hot dog or pretzel just to make sure people have something else in their stomach,” says the manager at the Wolff’s Biergarten, Matti Bedell.

The “Brunch Bill” was signed in Rochester in Sept. 7.  This law intends to cut burdens on craft manufactures and those involved in the marketing of craft products. Some of the changes include:

  • Sell wine in growlers
  • Reduce fees for small wholesalers
  • Allow liquor stores to sell gift wrapping and bags