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Gun Violence: City Seeks Community Support

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Milner stands in solidarity with Mothers Against Guns. (c) 2016 Benjamin Ekpenyong

Gun Violence: City Seeks Community Support

Protesters seek an end to gun violence in Syracuse

By Benjamin Ekpenyong SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) —Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner says programs to stop the menace of gun violence can only succeed with the backing of the community.

Miner says she appreciates the effort of organizations engaging in projects to make Syracuse streets safe. The most important part of this drive according to her is having these organizations as “partners working with us to reduce the violence.”

Co-founder of Mothers Against Guns Helen Hudson agrees with Mayor Miner on the need for co-operation between the community and the government. She says the group has been speaking against dangerous weapons in the community.

Founder of OG’s Against Guns Clifford Ryan says the absence of a male role model in many families leads to indiscipline and violence among youths. He says gun control programs should start at the family level.


Clifford Ryan, Founder of OG's Against Guns protests against gun violence. (c) 2016 Benjamin Ekpenyong