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Syracuse taxi service is getting in on the Pokemon Go craze

The mobile game allows you to catch Pokemon based on your location. (c) 2016 Brianna Adams

Taxi Service Begins Pokemon Go Tours

Orange Metro Taxi begins offering Pokemon Go tours to keep users safe while playing the game.

By Brianna Adams SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News)—Pokemon Go has taken over the gaming world and now a Syracuse company is getting in on the trend. Orange Metro Taxi is beginning to implement a Pokemon tour service for the Syracuse area. Pokemon tour guide Kelly Shampine had the idea for the service after playing the game with his kids.

“My kids have always been into Pokemon so with the new app coming out,” said Shampine. “We thought it would be a safe and more logical ideal to keep them from having issues.”

Pokemon Go has caused many accidents and thefts since the app’s initial release on July 6th. Police have posted warnings advising drivers to refrain from “Pokemon Go and driving”. More recently, an Auburn man was playing Pokemon Go and driving and ended up crashing his car into a tree. Many players have also had their phones stolen due to not being aware of their surroundings.

This service not only allows players to enjoy the game and level up their Pokemon. It keeps the game from becoming extremely dangerous.

“Hopefully we can try to keep people safe and at the same time they can have fun and enjoy what they’re doing.”

The tour takes players through Syracuse University and the downtown Syracuse area. Here, players will pass through many “Pokestops” and for each gym that is nearby, the driver will stop for five minutes for players to battle and conquer the area. For more information on Pokemon tours, contact Orange Metro Taxi at (315) 877-5703.