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Syracuse Black Lives Matter Protest Stays Peaceful

Black Lives Matter protesters gather at Syracuse City Hall. (c) 2016 Kelsey Snider

SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) – Monday morning, hundreds of people marched from the Everson Museum to City Hall calling for action from city officials. Project X organized the protest which began with a series of speakers and performers on the museum steps. Syracuse mayor, Stephanie Miner and Chief of Police, Frank Fowler said the best way to move forward as a community would be to request meetings formally with city officials.

This is the route taken by protesters from the Everson Museum to the steps of Syracuse City Hall.








By Brianna Adams SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) — Syracuse resident Jemarla Shepherd was motivated from the success of the protest and will continue to support the movement.

By Kristen Edwards SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) — Ariana Byrd brought her five-year-old sister, Ajah, to the peaceful protest because she feels an obligation to teach her sister about the events occurring around her.

By Bridget Chavez SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) — Mother of three, Liz Elbayadi marched downtown with her sons in support of the Black Lives Matter rally this morning.

By Jacqueline Mundry SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) The Black Lives Matter movement not only took to the streets this morning, but also to social media to get the word out.

By Marlee Tuskes SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) — Event organizer Joshua King says this protest is one way to show what the Black Lives Matter movement is about.

By Aishwarya Nag Choudhury SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) — Today’s Black Lives Matter Rally was organized by Shaunna Spivey Spinner, a Syracuse resident.

By Isabel Sanchez SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) Although similar events ended in violence across the country, the Project X’s Black Lives Matter rally in Syracuse came to a peaceful end.

By Matt D’Ambrosi SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) — Nick Morman used Facebook Live throughout the protest to share the event with others who were unable to attend.

By Kelsey Snider SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) People came from different areas around central New York to participate in the Black Lives Matter protest today.

By Sarah Minkewicz SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) Today’s Black Lives Matter rally, not surprisingly, brought out all local media.

By Ashley Moore SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) — Supporter Megan Jansen says the issues taht were addressed today are bigger than just Syracuse.

By Mike Drew SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) —  The Black Lives Matter movement made its way to Syracuse this morning. In light of the recent shootings across the country, the group Project X organized a protest that began outsdie the Everson Museum.

By Stephen Armstrong SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) — Mayor Stephanie Miner met with Black Lives Matter protestors this morning at City Hall.

By Jon Cerio SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) The city of Syracuse is relieved this afternoon after a Black Lives Matter rally proved peaceful.

By Michelle Fenelon SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) —  Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets of downtown Syracuse to march to city hall in hopes of systemic change. N-C-C reporter Michelle Fenelon learned about the woman behind the protest.

By Kiona Dyches SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) —  Police involvement was hardly noticed by protesters as hundreds marched downtown in Syracuse to get a response from city officials.

By Ben Ekpenyong SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) —  Many cultures embrace Black Lives Matter.

By Jake Lapin, Kerene Limage, Annalisa Pardo, Jacqueline Tenreiro SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) — You can find full Twitter coverage via Storify here.

By Andrew Leffler SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) Local news media shared thoughts and approaches to covering events like this morning’s protest.

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