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SU Awaits Women’s Basketball Championship Game

SU fans excited for tonight's game

By Tania Joseph Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News)— Syracuse Women’s basketball continues to break records and make their fans proud. This year the Syracuse community was lucky to have both its’ men’s and women’s team compete at a National level with the Syracuse emblem on their backs. Tonight will kick off the final night of Women’s Basketball and the first ever appearance of Syracuse Women’s basketball in a National Championship game. In hopes to support the women’s team bringing home the title, Syracuse University’s Student Association provided buses to Indianapolis and Sheraton Hotel located on Syracuse University campus is holding a free watch party in one of their ballrooms that can seat 400 students.  Residence halls on campus such as Flint Hall are also  hosting watch parties so all students can take part in history.

“This is the last day of college basketball in the country and we’re playing in it, so that’ very exciting and it’s a pretty big deal for Syracuse University and the fans and the community to have yet another team competing on a national stage,” said SU fan Allie Berube. Berube has been in Indianapolis for the whole week working alongside Syracuse’s communications department to spread orange spirit and pump up fans through social media.

Berube said that she is feeling the love in Indianapolis and the community has been taking pictures and congratulating the women on their journey every where that the team steps foot in Indianapolis.

Natasha Walker expressed that she is very proud of the Women’s basketball team for how far they’ve come and can’t wait to celebrate tonight’s win. Today the Syracuse campus is filled with love and orange as they await tonight’s game against UConn.

Student's celebrating Women's' and and Men's Basketball final four placement this past weekend at castle court. (c) 2016 Tania Joseph