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Newhouse Knows: All About the “Waist Trainer”

By Lauren MelendezSYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC NEWS) – Newhouse Knows is a franchise of “explainer” news stories produced by 2016 Broadcast and Digital Journalism graduate students at the Newhouse School. Explainer journalism clarifies the more complex facets of news stories, provides deeper background, or explains in greater detail how something that’s been in the news works or could work.

One of the latest in a long slew of diet fads and fitness trends, includes the re emergence of the corset – well, the modern day version. Women and men around the world are flocking to stores to purchase the item that promises to re shape an individuals waist to provide a flatter, more hour glass appearance. But the biggest question about this device is whether or not it’s healthy. Newhouse Knows‘ Lauren Melendez caught up with a few folks to get the scoop on this new craze.