Central New York

Newhouse Knows: Snowmaking in Central New York

Newhouse Knows

Newhouse Knows is a franchise of “explainer” news stories produced by 2016 Broadcast and Digital Journalism graduate students at the Newhouse School.  Explainer journalism clarifies the more complex facets of news stories, provides deeper background, or explains in greater detail how something that’s been in the news works or could work.

If you’ve survived more than one winter in central New York then you might not think the science of snowmaking would be of much importance in these parts. But with global warming causing increasing uncertainty in weather patterns around the world, and rising temperatures causing concerns for ski areas across the U.S., making snow is becoming more important than ever to businesses which rely on it. Michael Carter walks us through the steps behind the science of man-made snow, how it’s different than the natural stuff, and most importantly…the costs involved in manufacturing a winter wonderland.