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Warmer Weather Impacts Local Resorts

By Terace Garnier, FABIUS, N.Y. (NCC News) – Toggenburg Mountain is a local snowboard and ski resort, located thirty-five minutes from Syracuse. Snow School Instructor Jim Morris hopes that they can start making snow as early as next week.

“Normally about this time of year we are making snow and probably have a couple of trails open already,” Morris said. “Traditionally about the middle of December is when we open. So people can come out because people are getting antsy.”

But the warmer weather has prevented the resort from producing snow. Temperatures have to be below 20 degrees in order for them to start making snow.

The lack of snow has already started affecting the business. They were scheduled to hire new instructors, but without snow they can’t see how advanced each of the potential instructors are.

“The fact that there’s no snow, just makes it difficult because we need to see how they can ride, how they can ski. We need to see a little bit of that,” Morris said. “So hopefully we can put it off to the following weekend  when there is snow so we can get them out on the hill and actually see how they ski or board.”

For now, all they can do is prep all the slopes and trails and hope for a few cold nights so they can make snow.

“Actually we aren’t worried to awfully much at this point because there isn’t skiing yet,” Morris said.  “Obviously it hurts the business, but the bulk of the business will start Christmas week and then into January.”





It hasn't been cold enough for them to make snow. (c) 2015 Terace Garnier

The ski lifts at Toggenburg Mountain, they won't start running them until they open. (c) 2015 Terace Garnier

This is the entrance to Toggenburg Mountain. (c) 2015 Terace Garnier