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EDM Festivals And Their Dangerous Drug Culture

Electronic Dance Music fans at Ultra Music Festival’s State of Trance stage in 2016. (c) Alex G. Perez 2016

The Dangerous Drug Culture At Electronic Dance Music Festivals

By Paola Figueroa SYRACUSE, N.Y (NCC News) — Electronic Dance Music is one of the quickest growing genres in the music and concert industry. With music that raises listener’s heartbeats and entices them to dance, it is not hard to understand why millennials enjoy the genre so much. EDM preaches a culture of peace, love, unity and respect which becomes a physical embodiment at music festivals.

Festivals all around the world such as Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrow World and Mysteryland give fans the chance to see multiple artists over the span of one weekend. These festivals become communities in which a love the music is shared, as well a campground for excessive drug use.

Drugs such as Molly, Ketamine and Cocaine have become extremely popular among the crowds that flock to these festivals. In hopes to raise energy, pleasure, and distort ones perception, fans use these drugs excessively. Sadly, many deaths have occurred due to unrestricted and unregulated drug use. The industry has been propelled into the national spotlight as unsafe and dangerous.

In hopes to reverse this trend of excessive drug use, electronic festivals are incorporating new artists and genres into their line ups to gain a more diverse crowd. Trying to restore the priority of music at these festivals and phasing out drug use.