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Mayor Miner not sold on Consensus plan

By Ben Mitchell SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — In an address to the Onondaga County Conservative Party, Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner expressed her concerns over a plan to consolidate the governments of the city of Syracuse and Onondaga county.

Mayor Miner finally broke her silence on the plan to merge the local governments on Saturday, saying that the 51-point proposal from Consensus, the commission leading the charge for consolidation, is vague and lacks important data. The mayor’s remarks place her in direct opposition to Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney, an outspoken supporter of consolidation who has derided Consensus’s naysayers as “nabobs” who would rather do the easy thing than make bold choices

Mayor Miner countered that narrative, saying the plan is not as simple as its proponents have suggested.

“I am in favor of good and new ideas,” Miner said. “If we don’t know the answers…I would say it’s impossible to say whether you are in favor of [consolidation] or against it.”

Miner cited concerns over taxation without representation for city residents, no suggestions on dealing with the city’s outstanding debts, and referred to the plan as a county takeover of the city.

“There are huge questions out there that haven’t been answered,” she repeated, stressing the various weak spots in the 51-point plan. Miner also added that she had been asked not to offer her opinion on the plan for 30 days following its publication.