Local College Student Pledges To Do Good On National Random Acts of Kindness Day

By Lauren Melendez SYRACUSE N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – There’s practically a holiday for everything nowadays. If you can hop on one foot while spinning in a circle – there’s a day dedicated to it. And let’s be honest – these “holidays” hit our pockets. But there’s a newer day, recognized nationally that’s not meant to empty your bank, but rather, fill you up on good deeds – It’s called National Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Anju Franklin, a local college student, after being on the receiving end of kindness three years ago, pledged to pay it forward, each year the day rolls around. Celebrated nationally on February 17th, folks around the world are encouraged to participate in any act of kindness without regard to the size of the act. Franklin, who has celebrated the holiday for the last two years, wakes up at 6’o clock in the morning to plan out how she wants to serve others.

“I’d normally be sleep…or netflixing…or just relaxing until I have class,” said Franklin, admitting she enjoys the day but that it takes a lot of work. her agenda this year is full.

Cleaning Snow Off Of Neighbor’s Car

Pick Up Trash Near Perimeter Of Local School

Pay For A Stranger’s Lunch

Buy A Homeless Person A Meal

Donate Food To A Nearby Pantry

“I just hope I make a difference and help get the word out. I know I spend some much of my time complaining and worrying about stuff I can’t control. I mean, most people do. I wanna do something different for a change,” said Franklin. National Random Acts of Kindness Day originally began in New Zealand by a group of friends. The exact timeline of how the day grew in popularity isn’t chronicled, but since it’s creation – national organizations like American Red Cross have participated, helping it gain national attention.

But the attention is what concerns Franklin as she embarks on her day of deeds. She said if she could touch “only one life” through her actions on this day, that it would make the rest of it a success.