Central New York

A Family Tradition Come Rain, Sleet, Snow or Shine

The Adams family of Syracuse goes bowling as a family every Tuesday at AMF Lanes.

By Mike Carter Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News) – Keeping family traditions alive during the harshness of winter can sometimes prove challenging. But for the Adams family of Syracuse it is a weekly tradition unlike any other. Dad Jay, daughter Mercy, and son Joey go bowling every Tuesday after school at AMF Lanes in Syracuse.

Mercy Adams, 15, uses the time to bond with her brother Joey, 20, who has down syndrome.

“I just like being able to come here as a family and have fun,” says Mercy, who is finishing up her Freshman year of high school this spring.

Jay Adams sees this time of the week as a chance for the family to come together and bond over an activity that allows them all to participate on the same level. He acknowledges his son’s handicap but says when the family bowls together it offers an outlet for Joey to express himself — which is evident in frequent high-fives thrown by Joey during thee family’s bowling sessions.

Jay says growing up with the last name Adams wasn’t always easy.

“We used to get picked on because of that show sometimes,” says Jay, referring to the 1960’s television show ‘The Addams Family.’

But on Tuesdays there is nothing to worry about for this Syracuse family. They come together and enjoy one another’s company. And that’s really what it’s all about.

While Jay says it can be difficult for Joey to voice his emotions, he sees a change in body language in Joey after the family’s weekly bowling outings each week. And for him, that’s all that matters.

Some may argue that bowling is a dying sport which does little to appeal to today’s smartphone obsessed youth. But for Joey and Mercy Adams it’s anything but dead. In fact, Tuesday afternoons are when this local family feels most alive.