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Parent Reacts to Skaneateles High School Gun Threat

Credit: (c) 2016 Skaneateles High School

Parent Reacts to Skaneateles High School Gun Threat

Skaneateles High School Parent Ellen Pirro reacts to the second threat of violence towards her daughter's school this year.

By Emma Pettersen Skaneateles, N.Y. NCC NEWS For the second time this school year, Skaneateles High School Parent Ellen Pirro has received a warning about a threat of violence form a student at her daughter’s school. On Wednesday the school received a tip from another student about a post made to social media featuring a gun and a disturbing caption.

“ ‘Its time to get new friends’ I believe is what he said, with a something that was a gun, whether it was an emoji or a picture, I’m not really sure”, said Pirro.

The school responded immediately by sending an alert out via a smart phone App to parents. Pirro says the school responded well and she knew about the incident before her daughter who was in school at the time.

“It came across on my phone saying there was an incident at the school…where a student made a threatening post, another student saw it alerting the principal. The student that posted it was not in school that day”, said Pirro.

As for security, Pirro believes that the high school does a good job protecting students.

“From my understanding all doors are locked except for the front door. I think that short of having security there 24/7 I don’t know what more they could do unless they have metal detectors. To my understanding they don’t have anything like that in any of our schools”, said Pirro.

The following day, students at the high school attended an assembly addressing the incident that encouraged them to always speak up when they see something potentially dangerous on social media.