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Jamesville Opens New Dog Shelter

By Terace Garnier, Jamesville, N.Y. (NCC News) – Jamesville Correctional Facility opened it doors  to families for adoptions. County Executive Joanie Mahoney advocated for the opening of The Second Chance Canine Adoption Facility which was built in October of last year. So far 4 dogs have been adopted with 8 dogs currently being prepped to go home with a new family.

Inmates train the dogs  to sit, lay down, and are leash trained.

One couple, Karen and Rebekah Young adopted a pup named Jessie James and so far they feel that the program is not only important for the dogs but important for the inmates as well.

“The fact that it gives the inmates a purpose, a reason, every day they make a connection with an animal. You know I would highly recommend this program to anyone to support that and keep it going,” Karen said.

For more information on the adoption process or volunteer applications call the Janesville Correctional Facility. The Second Chance Canine Adoption Shelter’s Facebook page has photos of all the dogs up for adoption.