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Gregory J. Harris Military Courtesy Room Helping Veterans

The Gregory J. Harris Military Courtesy room has served over 74,000 veterans in seven years of operation.

Tucked away in the northern-most corner of the Syracuse Hancock International Airport is a special room for military personnel and their families to relax and get away from the stresses of the airport. The Gregory J. Harris Military Courtesy Room serves as a safe haven for these veterans, providing them with a quiet space, quick meals, and any personal care items they might need.

What sets this military courtesy room apart from the hundreds of others across the nation is that this one operates solely on private donations and volunteer hours. It is one of just a few privately-funded military courtesy rooms in the United States.

One of the volunteers, Yvonne Liblanc, said she feels good about helping support the men and women who keep our country safe.

“It’s ever so rewarding,” Liblanc said. “Everybody is just so appreciative of what you do. And I love it.”

The room has been open to veterans for seven years, with over 74,000 people using its services.

“We’ve seen hundreds of veterans come in a single day before,” Liblanc said. “And most of them are just kids. Just 18 or 19 years old.”

Syracuse is a common stop as soldiers head to Fort Drum for training, which is why so many people have visited the courtesy room.

A list of donations and contact information is listed on the Gregory J. Harris Military Courtesy Room’s web site, which can be found here.