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You Could Do It, Put Your Heart Into It!

Dr. Nasirov from Sutter Health Institute gives tips on maintaining a healthy heart.


By Tania Joseph, SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — The month of February is often associated with love, flowers, and chocolate. Although presents are nice, the greatest gift one can give is a good heart. February is American Heart Month and the New York State Million Hearts Initiative is aiming to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes nationwide.

The key components of the Million Hearts Initiative are prevention and intervention.

By focusing on ABCS of this initiative, which stands for A- Aspirin for those at high risk, B- Blood Pressure control, C-Cholesterol management, and S- Smoking cessation we can put an end to high rates of heart disease.


In 2009, and still today the state of New York’s leading cause of death is heart disease or stroke.

Everyone is at risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes. Physical activities like walking, running, or even swimming can help lower your risk.

This month gain a healthy heart and continue the conversation about cardiovascular disease.






A ball and mat are the perfect match this Valentine's Day. Get fit. (c) 2016 Tania Joseph