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Trick or Treat: Halloween’s Impact on a Local Candy Shop

Speach Family Candy Shoppe has been around for nearly 95 years and will be celebrating it’s 95th birthday next month. (c) 2015 Jordan Jennings


By Jordan Jennings, SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)–Name brand candy is seen on Halloween usually as tiny fun-sized sweets, but what about those special treats that come from local stores? With an up sweep in the “Buy local” movement, it would be ideal for a candy store to generate a lot of business during the spooky holiday. However, Speach Family Candy Shoppe Owner Michael Speach said he does not generate a lot of business during Halloween.

“Halloween is probably the least popular holiday for us,” said Speech. “Everyone is going to the grocery store and buying pounds of candy for pretty cheap.”

The candy shop is producing homemade treats themselves. Halloween is not a powerhouse holiday for the store. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas are the holidays that generate the most orders.

However, Speach does have clients come and purchase special Halloween candy to give out to close neighbors and family. Speach also said he gets a lot of requests for Halloween parties, shifting his attention to a more adult audience.

“During Halloween we are more geared towards parties,” said Speach. We even make adult candy that is infused with alcohol.”

Although Speach is not getting a huge work order for Halloween, it allows him to prepare for the massive orders that will be coming this Holiday season.

“We’ve already gotten a ton of orders already for the holidays,” said Speech. “Orders start coming in at the beginning of November and don’t really die down until the beginning of January.”

The Holiday season is almost here, but if you are lucky you might stumble across a Speach treat this Halloween.

A few festive fall treats that the store has created for October.