Central New York

Clinton Square Tree Arrives in Downtown

By Michael Barth, Syracuse N.Y. (NCC News)– The tree started in North Syracuse at the home of Kathy Shaw. The Norway Spruce tree was cut down and loaded onto to a truck that arrived in Clinton Square around 1:30 this afternoon.

Crews were out at 8 am preparing the tree for removal and transportation

Shaw said she was contacted two weeks ago about donating the tree, “they knocked on our door and said they were interested in the tree, would you donate it and we said yes, and then they called us back a couple days later and said they wanted our tree”.

Losing the tree wasn’t necessarily the worst thing according to Shaw, “we were worried that the tree might fall on our house or something because it’s so huge but you know it’s kind of sad a little bit but we’re excited we don’t have to worry about it”.

When the tree arrived in Clinton Square today, spectators on hand we’re waiting in anticipation as the holiday spirit was in the air.

Kristy Smorol who works in Clinton Square was excited for the tree to be back in its usual spot, “its’ always nice to see the tree come in, usually my office takes a few minutes to stop and watch everything happen, it’s a cool view”.

Over 18,000 lights will be added to the tree and workers began the process of adding the lights this afternoon.

The annual lighting ceremony will be held the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 27th.