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Fright Nights at the Fair Final Weekend

Fright Night

(c) 2015 Fright Nights at the Fair

By Alex Hoaglund SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – As the Halloween season concludes this Saturday, Fright Nights at the Fair is looking for its largest crowd.


According to owner and operator of Fright Nights at the Fair, Graziano Zazzara, nearly 6,000 people attended within the past consecutive weekends in October. Zazzara is especially looking forward to tonight and tomorrow, while expecting the largest crowd of the season.


“This is going to be a big weekend. Tonight will be really fun,” says Zazzara.


Veteran Fright Night actors Fred Kalin and James Burgen have been acting in Fright Nights at the Fair ever since the attraction began, 13 years ago. Both of them have one common passion: scaring people.


“I love scaring people,” says Kalin.


Burgen claims that the key to scaring people is, “all in the eyes.”


Fright Nights at the Fair concludes tomorrow and will operate between 7PM until 11PM. The attraction is located inside of the Beef Barn at the New York State Fairgrounds. For more information, please visit their website.


Watch the story here: Fright Night at the Fair