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How To Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween

Trick-or-Treating is one of the most dangerous times for kids to get hurt. They run around outside and can be very hard to see in the dark. NCC News Reporter Jen Cardone gives us a few tips for how parents, kids and drivers can be a little safer this weekend.

By Jen Cardone SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — It’s that time of year again for kids and adults to get dressed up as their favorite characters for Halloween. Safety has always been an issue, but here are a few tips to keep your kids safe when they head out to trick-or-treat.

Many places around the area offer a safe environment for children to trick-or-treat. For instance, Syracuse University offered a Greek-or-Treat Friday for kids of the faculty and nearby after-school programs.

It was a time for the kids to participate in arts and crafts activities. They decorated pumpkins and mummified some of the Greek life students. They could be seen running from sorority to fraternity house, excited for the next activity to come.

Event coordinator Aileen Coughlin said that this has been a big hit for the past 12 years.

“It’s a safe option for children, but the real purpose is to connect our greek students with the community,” she said.

Solvay Police Chief Allen Wood said that these events are wonderful opportunities for the children, and that trick-or-treating can be just as safe so long as an adult can supervise.

“These events are great as well, but I think the kids should have an opportunity to go house to house and do what I did [when I was young],” he said. “I remember having so much fun as a kid [trick-or-treating].”

He said that although an adult should be supervising, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can see a child if he or she is wearing dark clothing. He recommends that kids wear glow sticks or reflective tape on their costumes to help drivers see them more easily.

“Kids want to run off on their own, which they should be able to,” he said. “But, it’s good to have someone just to keep an eye [on them], maybe from a distance.”

Mother Melissa Chirico-Brown said she always goes out with her kids to trick-or-treat.

“Oh I’d never let them out of my sight,” she said.

Father Anthony Terrioni said he and his wife always give his daughter a speech before she goes out with her friends.

“We just pretty much spend a little time talking to her about what she has to do to be safe,” he said. “Just stay with her friends and don’t wander off, and if she sees something [just] return back to her friends.”

In addition to traveling in big groups or with an adult, kids should also follow a few more of these safety tips:

  1. Walk, don’t run across the street.
  2. Look both ways before crossing the street.
  3. Only trick-or-treat in neighborhoods that you know are safe and you know the neighbors.

For drivers, please be careful this Halloween. Stay alert and take your time traveling from place to place.

For more Halloween safety advice, please see the Camillus Police Department’s website. Also, please see The Post Standard’s website for alternative events.