New Director Brings Events for All Ages to the Everson

The Everson was already decorated for an event before setting up for Halloween Beer Garden. (c) 2015 Nicole Hansen

By Nicole Hansen SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) — Lunch hour tours every Friday. Mother and infant tours. Hands-on art projects for children every Sunday. Halloween Beer Garden.

Earlier this year, Elizabeth Dunbar took her place as the executive director of the Everson Museum of Art. Since then, these events and more have kept the Everson “humming and buzzing.”

“’Humming and buzzing’ is like her catchphrase that she likes to use,” Assistant Director Sarah Massett said. “She wants to see the different spaces of the museum humming and buzzing with people all the time.”

One of Dunbar’s main methods for getting people into the museum is to have lots of events that bring people in the door, then get them to come back to visit the rest of the museum. The museum’s most recent event – Halloween Beer Garden – had the same goal.

“Hopefully [the events] spur a community that wants to support a museum, that they create memberships, people who come again and again,” Massett said.

Massett also said that the events aim to encourage people to “see the value if they join as a member or a funder.”

According to Massett, the Everson had to cancel an exhibit last year because it was too expensive. Massett said that events are like a “funnel” towards funding, and work to inspire businesses to become sponsors or corporate members.

In the end, it’s just about getting people inside to have fun and see what exhibitions the museum has to offer.

“They will be able to go back to their…family and say, Oh yeah, I went for this beer garden thing, it was really fun…but while I was there I saw they had this amazing exhibition down the hallway that I didn’t know that they had,” said Massett.

The Everson has many displays they hope visitors to see, both in and out of the museum. (c) 2015 Nicole Hansen