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Ghoulish Creatures Leave Local Salon

By Terace Garnier, LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (NCC News) Halloween is quickly approaching. During this time of year people are buying costumes and even local businesses are looking into different ways to celebrate the ghoulish day.

Marny & Co. Hair Salon, in Liverpool, not only offers hair and nail services, but they offer a special type of makeup art. For those who want to look their scariest for Halloween, they can ask for Rachael Keresey; she specializes in special effects makeup.

“Halloween has always been my favorite time of year. I love everything about it,” Keresey said. “I think this also stems from my love of horror movies.”

Customers can get a range of services done, from looking like zombies to looking like Shrek. Keresey has between 40 to 50 customers during the month of October, doing special effects makeup at high school plays and zombie runs.

“I’ve had so many moments to be thankful for that I’m thankful everyday that I get to do what I love,” Keresey said.

Transforming her customers into their desired characters has helped transform her as well.

“I’ve had to get over extreme shyness and social awkwardness,” Keresey said. “I also was bullied a lot in school for my looks so I didn’t think anyone would ever want me to do makeup on them, that was the main set back for me in the beginning.”

After doing makeup for others, something within her changed.

“Once I saw people’s reactions I became more confident and it really drove my career forward,” Keresey said.