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Class on Mediation Starts for Children

Kids sit down for a meditation with a parent or grandparent. (c) 2015 Connor Hakan

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Healing Inspirations Teaches a Class on Meditation

By Connor Hakan SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) —  Some Central New Yorkers are now sending their children to a class on meditation.  Healing Inspirations in Liverpool, NY, started teaching kids as young as five-years-old how to meditate.

Meditation can center and focus you, Deborah DeRusha, A Reiki master from Syracuse said.

I became interested in giving tools to children so they can clam themselves, so that when they become anxious about going to school or a test or anything that they can learn how to clam themselves,” DeRusha said.

One question is how can kids been taught to sit so still for a period of time?

“I somewhat feared they would be all over the place, when I first started doing this class,” DeRusha said.

The kids went through a ten minute guided meditation, but they sat still the entire time.

I was just so focused that I completely forgot that I could move,”  11-year-old, Natasha Schuon said.

I just felt so tired, and relaxed that it was just easy to sit there and stay still,” nine-year-old, Gianna Boland said.

Allowing the kids to meditate while guided by an instructor is important to focus them, Sharon Quinn, a meditation instructor and Reiki master said.

They are so into their imagination, so much of their world is imaginary when they are young that they get lost in that imagination.  So it helps them stay focused on what they are doing,” Quinn said.

While it might be hard for adults to stop thinking about the next activity or making a grocery lists in their minds, children actually might find it easier to find peace, Quinn said.

“Children can go outside and sit in the grass for an hour and just be.  If we can go back to that type of being ourselves, when we move into our next activity of the day, we are coming from this really quite place that makes it easier to handle everything,” Quinn said.

Healing Inspirations hopes schools will start to teach children meditation so they can do better.

I think that it helps give them a tool.  Depending on the other people in their lives, it can be a tool that they use right now, maybe a tool that they pull out of their tool box ten years down the line when things get tough,” Quinn said.

Healing Inspirations (c) 2015 Connor Hakan

Healing Inspirations (c) 2015 Connor Hakan