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Utica Train Station Crash Sparks Security Concerns

Security Procedures will be examined after the runaway train incident in Utica.

Lieutenant Steve Hauck

Lieutenant Steve Hauck says the 13-year-old boy is not criminally charged for causing the train to crash into the antique locomotive and 100-year-old Union station.

by Lindsey Horsting SYRACUSE, N.Y. The 13-year-old boy that caused an antique locomotive to crash into the Utica Train Station was not criminally charged, but security will be a priority from now on at the Union Train Station.

Utica Police Lieutenant Steve Hauck said the boy was a frequent visitor of the area and was playing in the car and managed to lift the brake.  It was not a criminal act because it’s unlikely that the boy knew what he was doing would cause any harm, Hauck said.  The freight car area is not enclosed and anyone can walk up to it by following the tracks.

Hauck said that there is uncertainty about the security of the loading areas and the freight cars.

“What are the regulations, were they followed, if not, why, and should they be followed,” Hauck said.

He spoke with investigators that said the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and train companies are looking into current security procedures to prevent this from happening in the future.