Public Safety

Rash of Shootings Occur Over the July 4 Weekend in Syracuse

by Barbara Fought SYRACUSE (NCC News) — Police Chief Frank Fowler said he’s never seen as many people shot in such a short time period.  Eleven people were shot over the July 4 weekend. One has died and another remains in critical condition.

Police said Rayquel Jones, of 504 E. Colvin St., died after a shooting early Monday in the 300 block of Rich Street.  Rich wrote on his Facebook page Sunday that he expected to be shot.

His death marks eleven homicides in the city for 2015, up from 6 at the same time a year ago.

Below is an interactive map of this year’s homicides from Click on each colored pointer to find out more about that location.

View Syracuse Homicides as of 7/6/15 in a full screen map