Syracuse Spring Kickball Leagues Are Delayed Due To Bad Winter

The owner of the Syracuse Sports Association, Andrew Cherock, says that the players are what make the kickball leagues so entertaining, and the leagues have even led to some marriages. (c) 2015 Andrew Morris

By Andrew Morris SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) — It seems as if the home runs, cheers and sore feet will be put off until at least Thursday after the Syracuse Sports Association (SSA) decided that its kickball fields would be too muddy and wet to play on.  The SSA planned to have all spring kickball leagues start earlier this week.

The kickball league typically runs a total of nine weeks with the last two being reserved for playoffs.  Each year, teams are split into four different divisions based on skill level, and the ages of the players range from anywhere between 18 to 50 and above, according to league officials.

“We’ve been pushed back because of the insane winter we’ve had,” said SSA owner Andrew Cherlock.  “But we’re getting them (the fields) into shape, these last few days of sun have definitely helped.”

Coming into this new season, the SSA has seen an increase in the number of kickball teams that have signed up to play.  Across all nights and divisions a total of 168 teams are getting ready to kick off the new season.

Cherlock employs a full-time field maintenance man as well as his partner to oversee the grounds and make sure they are playable as soon as possible.  But sometimes, the SSA just can’t get around the weather.

“There’s nothing you can do but just sit and wait for it to dry,” said Cherlock. “Just hope Mother Nature cooperates a little bit, but it’s a pain in the butt.”

Anyone interested in joining a team or playing a single game can sign up on the SSA website year round.


The Syracuse Kickball Park and Onondaga Lake Park in Liverpool are the two parks the Association uses to play Sundays through Fridays. (c) 2015 Andrew Morris