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Syracuse University Campaigns Against Sexual Assault

It's On Us

By Lauren Sinatra SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)- With the recent closing of the advocacy center at Syracuse University, the Office of Health Promotions (OHP) is continuing to work to prevent sexual assault on campus.

Jill Sneider, is the Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention Coordinator at the OHP.

“The important part of all of these issues,” she says, “is that…sexual assault happens…and we have to focus on prevention.”

At the beginning of the year, the OHP started the “Got Consent, Be S.U.R.E” campaign, which allows students to attend speakers and events in order to learn more about sexual consent. “S.U.R.E” stands for shared understanding, respect, and enthusiasm, all of which are contributing factors to sexual consent.

Sneider believes these campaigns and speaking out is the best way to prevent sexual assault from occurring.

“If we don’t speak up, in a way, the silence allows it to continue unchecked. And so, anytime there is a conversation about this, it can help us move forward to preventing these acts,” she explained.

This past fall, the University also chose to sign on to President Barak Obama’s campaign called “It’s On Us”. A video, featuring celebrities advocating for the stop of sexual assault, went viral and even played at one of SU’s basketball games.

The University is currently working on creating its own version of the video which should be completed in the next few weeks.