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Syracuse City School District Prepares for Potential Spread of Measles

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Measles Threat

Syracuse City School District prepares for potential spread of measles.

By Lauren Sinatra SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News)- As of January 30, there have been 102 cases of the measles confirmed in over 14 states, one of them being Downstate New York. The Syracuse School District is taking preventative measures in case the disease makes its way to Central New York. Cheryl Vitaletti, District Supervisor of Health Services, said the district is taking special steps to address this measles threat.

“I have a staff meeting tomorrow. It’s on the agenda. We are also having part of our professional development program. Thursday evening we are having another in-service,” Vitaletti stated.

In these meetings, nurses will become more education about the disease and how to diagnose and proceed if the disease is found. Vitaletti wants to make sure all city nurses are well prepared, especially since the disease has been almost absent for over 14 years.

“A lot of us have never seen it, but we’ve seen lots of pictures,” Vitaletti explained. “But it’s always important to keep updated; make sure it’s fresh on every body’s mind.”

94% of students in the school district are fully vaccinated, while 6% are under vaccinated or in the process of getting their full vaccinations. Vitaletti said that if the disease were to spread to Central New York, the district would ask the under vaccinated children to stay home from school because they are more vulnerable to the disease.