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CNY Farmers see Organic Turkey Market as a Business Opportunity

Thanksgiving is a week away (c) Stephanie Chan 2014

Organic Turkeys

As more Americans seek organic turkeys, small farms see this as a business opportunity

By Stephanie Chan EATON, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) – People are on the search for the turkey with Thanksgiving right around the corner. According to a 2011 FDA survey, the number of organic turkeys went up 118 percent from 2008.

More farmers are going in this direction as they see this as a business opportunity.

Turkey farmer Rich Taber is in a turkey frenzy right now. His turkeys have been raised organically in his 60-acre grass farm in Eaton, New York.

Since they were little babies, they have been fed grain, natural grass, bugs, wheat, and seeds.

Taber says The American public is becoming more concerned with where their food comes from and if it’s humanely raised, which makes the organic market hot.

As he looks as his gobbling turkeys, Taber also says so much of our food comes from the industrial model of animals and birds confined in cages in much higher densities than in what they really should be.

“People will spend more money if they know the animals are better nutritionally and there’s a whole bunch of nutritional aspects involved with these animals that are raised on pastures,” said Taber.

When he’s not on the field, you can find Taber at his second job in Cornell Corporative Extensions where he works in economic development and with beginning farmers who also want to jump on the organic bandwagon.

“We’re seeing a growth all over. Hardly a day goes by I don’t get a phone call from someone wanting to start a new farm,” said Taber.

You can buy organic turkeys at farms or at farmer markets. This is also a good way to talk to the farmers and learn about their food.