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Syracuse University Students Demand Change

By: Lauren Foti Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News)- For students at Syracuse University this protest has been a long time coming. But what makes this protest different than the protests in the past? The occupation of Crouse Hinds Hall. Also known as the administration building.

Students have been planning for this protest for over a month and on Monday November 3rd they marched into Crouse Hinds hall and there they have been. Protesting peacefully when classes are in session and loudly when their voices need to be heard.

The protest is led by The General Body, a student run organization that has been working non-stop in the past month and beyond to gather information for their 43-page document of grievances and demands. This document is available to the public and it could be found the the General Body’s website.

Freshman Devin Nonneman has been occupying Crouse Hinds hall Monday, he doe not see himself leaving anytime soon either.

” We are here to sacrifice our time, we’re students here and we have to go to classes and we have to do our work.” Nonneman said,  “But at the same time our focus is in the now, right now.”

Even though students are protesting for a change in policy, for more general services to be brought to campus, and for equality, they do understand that this all won’t be changed within a week. They are protesting until the Syracuse administration acknowledges their demands and addresses how they will change it.

“We’re not asking for everything to be fixed within the next week.” SU student protester Jay Getman said, ” That’s not feasible. But at least address them and address them publicly and in print. And have some sort of consequence if they don’t follow through.”

Student protesters are hoping to meet with the administration in the coming days so that they’re voices are not only heard but that they see action behind their demands.