Central New York

Molly’s Wish Takes a Stand

By: Kali Fisher, Syracuse , N.Y. (NCC News)- Puppy mills are across the country.

Dogs and other animals are shoved into small cages given unsanitary food and water and expected to produce the owners puppies or babies.

Sharon Fay has rescued an estimated 1o to 12 dogs over the past eight years.

Her love of dogs came from her father, who also rescued dogs from puppy mills.

Now Fay has three small dogs who occupy her home and she plans to add more.

However, it took one major life event in Fay to start taking a stand against these puppy mills and the abusers.

The combination between her father’s death and a special rescue dog named Molly  caused Fay to create Molly’s Wish.

She said she created the organization to help educate the public and provide a safe place for rescued animals.

Fay said Molly’s Wish also works to change laws when it comes to animal abuse and puppy mills.

She wants to people to understand the condition that these animals are living in.

“Because they can no longer produce, they will kill them, they will drown them, they will do whatever they can to get rid of them,” Fay said.

Fay’s best advice for any pet adopter is to educate themselves on where their new pet is coming from, whether it’s from your local SPCA or a pet store.

Fay said the majority of the dogs you see at the pet store come from puppy mills and advise people not to purchase a pet there.

“It’s a cash crop,” Fay said.

She said the individuals running the puppy mills will sell the dogs to places like a pet store and get a couple hundred to a couple thousand for them.

One of the biggest things Fay and Molly’s Wish does it match owners up with dogs and cats.

“If somebody is going to have a, want a dog, call a rescue, call me I can find you a dog that you would love,” Fay said.

Molly’s Wish holds several events throughout the year to raise money and help with the matching process for owners and rescued animals.

Fay encourages more people to support Molly’s Wish and really educate themselves on puppy mills.