Syracuse Mosque Reacts to ISIS

By: Kali Fisher, Syracuse, N.Y. (NCC News)- The fighting over in Iraq and Syria isn’t something new to the Middle East or America.

It’s something that has gone on for years but only recently did it start escalating again.

For the past four months the U.S. has been fighting what many refer to as ISIS or ISIL.

Yusuf Abdul-Qadir is a member of the Islamic Society of Central New York Mosque and has a background in political science and middle eastern studies.

The Islamic Society CNY Mosque serves an estimated 15-thousand.

Abdul-Qadir said what’s happening in the Middle East is complicated and emerged because of the access of resources like petroleum.

He said in order to understand what is happening right now you have to understand the history of Islam.

Many refer to the ISIS group as an Islamic state, Abdul-Qadir does not.

“I actually find them to be more malicious,” Abdul-Qadir said. “They do things that are completely un-Islamic in a sense of the way that they execute people, the way that they treat women, the way that they are choosing themselves to be governed.”

He said what ISIS is doing is outside the norm of the Islamic idea.

“When ISIS says that they’re killing journalists and they are doing this in the name of Islam, they’re not doing this in the name of Islam,” Abdul-Qadir said. “They’re doing it like a terrorist would do as a political stunt, to entice fear into people so they can provoke a reaction.”

But when it comes to America handling ISIS and the fighting in the Middle East he’s not sure he agrees.

“I’m not really sure what we’re doing, I’m not really sure how we’re helping, I’m not sure how we’re assisting,” Abdul-Qadir said. “I’m not sure how we’re causing anymore benefit.”

President of the Mosque, Mohamed Khater s doesn’t think the the solution consists of only one thing though.

“It has to be a lot of things,” Khater said. “I can’t rule out intervention militarily.”

He said it’s a very delicate situation.

And although some at the mosque may have different opinions on how to handle the fighting overseas they do agree on one thing; they don’t support ISIS.

Many have families in the fighting countries and many in boarding countries.

Members of the mosque said all they can do is pray, which they do at every service.