Younger Generations May Be Unaware of Cybersecurity Risks

Does your Snapchat photo really disappear?

By Emily De Vito SYRACUSE, N.Y. (NCC News) – People have been calling it “the Snappening.”  Social media app Snapchat is known for its disappearing photos and videos.

Users are told after 10 seconds of sending them to their friends, they’re gone forever.

But this week a third-party called caused one of the biggest hacks related to Snapchat with 100,000 photos being leaked.

Snapsaved allowed users to store photos they’ve taken before they disappear.  Snapsaved has now been taken offline.

Kevin Du, a professor of mechanical engineering and computer science at Syracuse University, said that sharing photos is something the younger generation has grown up with.

“They get so used to this technology and it’s so convenient for them to share and not realize there is going to be a side effect if it is something you really don’t want everyone to know,” said Du.

While people trust social media sites such as Snapchat or Facebook with their photos or personal information, part of the problem is that they don’t understand what’s going on inside these devices such as their iPhone or iPad.

“Technology has limitation.  It doesn’t matter how well we do our job.  The hacker is always going after that or finding a loophole in your system and there is no perfect system out there,” said Du.

Tori Cedar, a freshman at Syracuse University, said she doesn’t believe her photos disappear so she uses the app with caution.

“These thing can haunt you for the rest of your life for jobs or grad school,” said Cedar.

Du said the best way to protect what you put out on social media is to make a decision.

He said you have to accept the risk that a photo could come back five years from now in another hacking case.