Local Entrepreneur Breaks 3 Guinness World Records to Raise Money for Neighborhood Family

On Saturday, Liverpool businessman and entrepreneur Bob Natoli broke 3 Guinness World Records to raise money for the Patterson family.

Health club owner & author Bob Natoli raises over $5,000 for Patterson family

By Stephanie Mindock LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (NCC NEWS) — “When I first heard of the story, it really touched my heart,” Bob Natoli said about the tragic car accident the Patterson family endured last November.  “And I thought dedicating the Guinness event, since my family was involved, dedicating my family’s efforts to their family might be a nice thing to do.”

And dedicating his family’s efforts is just what he did.  With the added energy of his son and his son-in-law, Natoli, a self-proclaimed “fitness buff”, raised over $5,000 for the Patterson family at a Guinness World Record event his Liverpool health club hosted on Saturday.

The three men broke a total of six Guinness World Records in fitness, with Natoli besting three on his own.

With two of those records involving step-ups and the third, dumbbell rows, Natoli says the physical training to beat the records might be a little different, but the mental approach to each is the same.

“What’s interesting about these records is, I always look at them as a puzzle,” Natoli says, adding that it doesn’t matter what exercise needs to be done or for how long, each record can be seen as a mental challenge.  “It’s certainly over 50 percent mental because then you have to have the vision.”

Son and son-in-law break records to raise money too

“I am so immensely proud of my son and my son-in-law that I could bust,” Natoli gushes.  “Those are two very driven and focused young men.  They’re not used to being in that environment and they both rose to the occasion.”

Natoli’s son added two world records to his collection, while his son-in-law broke his first.

Beating world records helps Natoli promote two key ideals

“Firstly, it’s exceptionally important to stay in good shape,” Natoli says.  He accomplishes this on a personal level by eating nine fruits and vegetables daily, sticking to an all-natural diet, and physically training on a consistent basis.

The second idea Natoli by breaking world records is that of neighborly aid.

“It doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can always help someone else,” Natoli emphasizes.  This past weekend is a prime example.

Locals ecstatic over record breaking weekend

And just as the regulars of Pacific Health Club are proud of Natoli for what he accomplished this weekend, he’s grateful for them and their support.

“There’s a lot of nice people there,” he said.  “They’re very gracious.”