Meals On Wheels in Syracuse Celebrating March For Meals!

National organization promotes healthy and affordable lifestyles in month-long campaign

By Eva Zymaris SYRACUSE, NY (NCC News) –¬†They cook. They package. And, they deliver.

The Meals On Wheels in Syracuse works diligently to ensure its home-bound clients receive affordable, seasonal, and delicious meals each and every day. Through this organization, individuals can have meals delivered to their doorstep for around $7.50 a day.

Executive Director Mason Kaufman explained why Meals On Wheels is so important. “We want to keep people in their homes,” Kaufman explained. “And, it’s cheaper for the community and better for the community. If you think about it as a caregiver or a family member, where would you prefer your loved one to be: home or at a facility?”

Community involvement 

But as the number of clients continues to grow, the organization needs more help from volunteers. That’s why the March For Meals! campaign was created: it’s a community-by-community celebration of Meals On Wheels nationwide. “The idea was to call attention to Meals on Wheels and their needs around the country,” said Kaufman. “And to have have a month, or period of time, when all of the programs would be doing different kinds of things, various events, inviting leaders and individuals to volunteer.”

Kaufman hopes March For Meals! will encourage people to get involved in their community. Local radio personalities and county legislators have all endorsed the campaign. Miss America Nina Davuluri also tweeted her support:


Miss America 2014 Tweets Syracuse March for Meals


Onondaga County Legislator Monica Williams said that she feels honored to be part of a worthy cause. “People care about other people,” Williams told me in an interview. “Making sure we eat healthy and if we’re not able to prepare meals at home, someone else is able to deliver that healthy meal to eat.”

Meals On Wheels in Syracuse is also looking for volunteers. Whether it’s working in the kitchen or delivering meals to the clients, there are many ways to lend a helping hand.